Wednesday, October 1, 2008

this crisis isn't specifically addressed in the parenting books

I had to console Sam this evening because he was desolate that he had lost his best friend. He came down after bedtime sobbing. He told me in a jerky breathless voice that his friend wouldn't talk to him anymore. He told a tale of woe, detailing his pleas to his friend to please talk and his friend's cold reception and complete silence. And you know what I wanted to do? The whole time I was rubbing his back and murmuring words of encouragement and support. Laugh. Laugh till you cry kind of laugh. Holding your sides and hollering "stop! stop!" kind of laugh. His friend, the one that will no longer talk to him? It's a small stuffed dinosaur that he sleeps with. I control him buddy, if you want him to talk, just do it.

Just in case you're wondering, I ended up doing the dinosaur's silly squeaky voice myself and the offender apologized and they made up and Sam headed back up to bed a happy boy. As for me, I am still giggling.


TaraC said...

Aww, that's too cute! Lord knows, he will hate this blog post one day!

kidletsmum said...

LMAO! Poor Sam! Childhood is tough. Good thing you're his mama and can ease the struggle a bit.

Sarah said...

omg, that is so cute, sad, funny, sweet all rolled into one! Reminds me of how T argues w/ his thomas trains!