Saturday, October 18, 2008

cranberry harvest

Fall is probably my favorite season of all. There is so much about it that I love. The sunny days seem sunnier because the air is so crisp. The colors seem brighter. I adore catching the smell of woodsmoke in the night air. The foods of autumn are hard to beat. They are what we call comfort foods; apple pies, breads and soups and stews that have simmered all day. But one of my very favorite of autumn's gifts is the cranberry harvest. I grew up around cranberry bogs. I learned to ice skate on them when they were frozen over. My parents put us up on the old double bladed skates when we were small or pulled us on a sled. We always thought the bog owners were big meanies when they sanded them. Obviously we didn't realize the sand was a necessary part of the growing process. I fell through the ice a few times, right into the watery ditch. Thank god the water's not deep and the bogs weren't all that far from home. While the winter time frolics on the ice are fun, there is nothing that compares to the harvest. I remember being on the school bus as it wound it's way round the towns collecting up the children and coming round a corner and having to catch my breath when we all of a sudden came upon a bog being harvested. The greens and golds of the trees, the blue blue of the water and the bright crimson red of the berries is breathtaking. Even as a child, I got that feeling of awe upon seeing it.

I still catch my breath when I see the cranberry harvest. I think I always will.


kidletsmum said...

Wow. This marks my first sighting of a cranberry harvest. I am awestruck. It's stunning.

Thanks for the pics and the stories. You write so well, Marie! I always look forward to an update on your blog!

(fairy) Godmother said...

Is there one near you? Can I come see? You are less than 3 hours away and I would easily drive that to see a cranberry bog... HOW COOL!!!!

Sarah said...

beautiful pics Marie. I always love driving by a bog when the berries are all red and pretty floating on the top. Quintisential New England autumn. I've never been closer than driving by though. How fun that you live so close and can enjoy it in person.

Dori said...

Wow, that's so beautiful! I've never seen a cranberry bog. Fall is my favorite season as well and seeing your photos makes me want to move east.

Marie said...

Thanks Kim! Right back at ya!

Jessica, we live surrounded by bogs. They make for quiet neighbors. The harvest is over this year but mark it on your calendar for next!

Sarah, you'll have to join us on a bog tour next fall. My there or be square! :)

Thanks Dori! You are welcome to join the party next year too!

Anne said...

Beautifully written, Marie! I miss home!!