Wednesday, September 15, 2010

not a subtle suggestion, more like a brick over the head...but it was called for

We are still living in the land of limbo. Let me tell you, Purgatory sucks. Remember, I do not do this whole, things everywhere and nothing in it's place kind of thing very well at all. The floors are almost done. Hallway and part of the kitchen still need to be done. It's looking wonderful but I'm having a hard time seeing that. I'm so wrapped up in what needs to be done now, tomorrow, and the next day that it's just stressing me out. I had to run out again tonight with all three kids in tow to pick up some felt pads to put under the furniture. Mind you, I had already purchased felt pads last night but Tony put the pads on the wrong feet. I couldn't fix it so I just had to pull them off and get new ones.

Which is way tonight found me rushing my kids through Walmart. I figured since I had to go out I may as well go there and replenish my food supplies. We are going to be downstairs AGAIN tomorrow so the crew can finish up and I need foods that are easy to prepare and are portable. Think grapes and bananas as opposed to melon. So there we are in Walmart and I am practically jogging down the aisles trying to get what I need and get the hell out of there. I have to call to the kids every so often to keep up. It's hard to keep that annoyed tone out of my voice when I do so. I notice Teresa has come to a complete stop at a display of instrumental CD's. The kind that are displayed with the candles and potpourri. I had already asked her to move along a couple times but she was off in her own thoughts and she hadn't budged. I heaved a huge sigh and wheeled my cart back to where she was standing. She saw me coming and lit up. "Mumma, you REALLY NEED to have this CD" and she pulled a CD off the shelf and held it up to me. It was titled "RELAX."

Point taken Teresa. Thanks

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Sarah said...

lol! smart alec! so, did you buy the cd?