Monday, September 20, 2010

the fruits of, well...not my, but someone's...labor

My husband thinks I'm nuts because I take photographs of my CSA share. I concede that taking photos of produce is probably a little different however, I have loved being a part of this program and plan on dedicating a couple scrapbook pages to these lovely fruits and vegies sometime in the future. I know, it's weird, I didn't grow them but I want to document this experience.

We have been eating seasonally and locally all summer long and it's been an eye opener. We've learned to relish the incredibly yummy freshness and taste of fruits and vegetables picked at their peak, that very day! My kids now ask me "Are these fresh picked?" And that phrase "fresh picked" is enough to get them to try anything. They are learning that fresh local foods taste better than ones shipped and preserved. We are also supporting a local farm and learning about new foods. I've had to cook beets, leeks, and squashes the size of a toddler. Many of the berries and sugar snap peas never even made it into the refrigerator crisper. They were gobbled up almost as soon as I could unpack them. It's a bit sad that our program ends in a few short weeks and we'll have to go back to supermarket produce. You can bet we will be waiting at the farmstand next June accepting our bags upon bags of lettuce with enthusiasm.


Liz said...

YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is soooooooo cool! Those veggies look amazing! I love your new header...they are so precious!


liz :)

Jean said...

I dreamed about my CSA the other night. Is that more or less weird than taking pictures? :-)

Marie said...

LOL!!! Jean, you are too funny. :)

Thanks Liz :)