Tuesday, September 7, 2010

lovely leaves...or knot

We had the opportunity to visit the Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich and I came away a huge fan. We had such a wonderful time, I signed us up for a family membership right then and there. I highly recommend it to anyone. While we were strolling through the gardens, the kids were enthralled with the ginormous leaves. I'm talking time of the dinosaur gargantuan. And many of them are shaped like hearts. I couldn't resist taking pictures of such lovely foliage.

Even the knots in the trees are heart shaped. This place and me were meant to be.


I heart said...

Aww, I heart it!!

jen aka mommay said...

I didn't know they had all the cool stuff there. Will definitely have to take a drive there (and I'm sure one of my kids will complain since they did a field trip there, lol)