Monday, September 27, 2010

happiness is a nap with a friend

From the very beginning, from the day we brought Daisy into our home, Katie decided that she was Kate's dog. This was never more evident than when the two of them cuddled up into each other and fell asleep. Katie would crawl up next to Daisy and wedge herself into what looked like an uncomfortable position and after some thumb sucking, a few slobbery kisses (both puppy and human) and a couple happy sighs (both puppy and human), they would both drift off to sleep. Katie has told me that she thinks snuggling with Daisy is the very best way to sleep.

As you can see, the feeling is completely mutual.


Jean said...

That is just TOO sweet! My favorite picture is the third one.

I heart said...

Those pictures are completely adorable!!!

Marie said...

thanks :)