Wednesday, February 17, 2010

what I really want for my birthday

All my life, whenever any of us kids asked our Mom what she wanted for her birthday, anniversary or Christmas her answer was "peace and quiet." She never asked for anything else no matter how we pestered her. I could not even imagine not wanting some THING.

I finally get it. At this point in my life there is nothing I really need that I don't buy for myself anyways. It seems frivolous and a waste of money to buy things I don't actually need. Especially since money only stretches so far. Wants are a luxury these days. Extra money, if there is such a thing, is put away for projects we have planned or expenses we know will be coming up.

The other day I celebrated a birthday and Joe was a little frustrated with me because I couldn't think of anything he could get me for my birthday. He asked me to write a list for him. This is what I came up with.

an empty dishwasher every morning
laundry that folds itself and puts itself away
no pans soaking in the sink in the morning
always having toilet paper on the roll
lunchboxes that fill themselves every morning and empty themselves each afternoon
not having to say "do your homework"
a full nights sleep
not to need the dentist on speed dial
and finally...yep, you guessed it...some peace and quiet.

I don't think my Mom ever got the peace and quiet she kept asking for. But whether my Dad surprised her with Tupperware, a charm bracelet of the twelve apostles or a scale (yes, a scale), she was never disappointed. She laughed, appreciated the thought behind the gift and made him feel like he got her the very thing she'd been hoping for. I need to practice that one. I'm not as gracious when I don't get my elusive wants fulfilled.

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EntertainingMom said...

thanks for posting this... my kids are going to make coupons for my Birthday... I'm going to redeem each and every one! Not to fret. It's not too late. I'm 6 months older than you are, so when you are my age you can have this too!!! ;)