Monday, February 1, 2010


It's been terribly cold here. But sadly no snow. I'm sure I'll complain bitterly about the snow once it arrives but if it has to be this cold, it should at least be pretty. I set the kids to rectifying that situation and we created some mammoth size snowflakes of our own. All you will need is construction paper, qtips, scissors (for the adult) and glue. I dumped a bunch of qtips on the table and cut the little ends off of some and added those to the mix. The kids all sat around and built snowflakes from such humble parts. I did show them how to arrange the first six to eight to form the star shaped base and then they were on their own for the rest. Amazingly enough, everyone's snowflakes were completely and utterly unique. Not a single design was repeated. After they were satisfied with their design, they used good old elmers to glue the qtips in place. After some drying time, I cut off the excess paper from around each snowflake. I neglected to get a picture of them afterwards though. The kids each made several snowflakes and I was delighted with how they combined the qtips and pieces to come up with new configurations each time. I guess the old adage is two snowflakes are alike.

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