Sunday, May 24, 2009

a walk on the bogs

On our way to the bogs next door for a little nature walk. Kate has the best view from way, way, way up on Daddy's shoulders

We were trying to teach them how to skip rocks. They could have cared less. It was much more fun to scoop up handfuls of little rocks and catapult them into the wide blue yonder and watch them drizzle back down into the pond.

In another month the entire surface of the pond will be covered in Lily flowers.

One of the bogs many many bog frogs. Teresa's eagle eyes spotted him resting and he obligingly posed for photos.

The cranberry growers put up many of these birdhouses. They want to attract birds who have their own part in the growing process of the cranberry plants. Both the birds and the bees are employed by cranberry growers during the growing season.

Looking for turtles and frogs

Sam found a couple of geese and attempted to get close to snap a picture but they flew off honking their displeasure before he could get close enough.

As we walked along I had to keep reminding the kids to watch out for geese poops. Sam told me his cousin had picked up and thrown geese poop into the pond. I never thought I'd hear myself say anything remotely close to this, but I had to tell them they were not to pick up poop of any kind and throw it. Sam needed me to clarify, asking "not geese poop? or dog poop? or ox poop? or dinosaur poop?"


Sarah said...

what a fabulous neighbor to have. Looks like fun. LOL at the poop instructions!

Anne said...

haha!! Awesome pictures!! If you were bossy you could be the family photographer! LOL

EntertainingMom said...

Marie, your photos are wonderful!!!! I 'specialy like the one of Katie on J's shoulders. Have you ever downloaded picasa? I think you would have fun. You can play with colors and textures, turn color photos into b&w, sepia, etc... you should def try now that your photography is so good!

Marie said...

Sarah, the bogs are the best neighbors we've ever had.

Anne, can you PLEASE tell Joe I'm not bossy. He's under the impression I'm a bit of a boss. Have no idea why. ;)

Thanks for the compliments on my photos.

Jessica, I have downloaded Picassa. I really don't do a whole lot of photo editing though. Once I get the camera figured out, I'll have to try my hand at it.