Wednesday, May 20, 2009


When Sam calls someone and has to leave a message, he ends his usually quite convoluted message with " Sam" It makes me smile to hear him.

I effing HATE HATE HATE computer generated phone calls that always seem to come during naptime. I never remember to turn the ringer off and always jump up and make a mad dash for the phone...usually bruising my hip or stubbing my toe in the process...only to be greeted by a canned cheery female voice telling me I need to act as my vehicle warranty is about to expire or I've earned blockbuster rewards special bonus points or important info regarding my blahbadeeblahblah credit card account.

We gave the kids some pennies to throw into a fountain the other night. Sam announced his wishes as he tossed his pennies in but the girls kept theirs close. Joe threw in a couple pennies too but didn't say a word. Sam studied Joe for a moment and then, with a poker face but mischief in his eyes, asked him if he wished for all his hair back. :)

My friend Donna who drives the kid's bus called me the other day to tell me Teresa was crying when she got on the bus. After talking to her to find out what was going on, Donna sent Teresa to her seat where Sam and a friend sat waiting. As soon as Teresa sat down, Sam wrapped one arm around her shoulders and pulled her in close and held her the whole way to school. Hearing this makes my heart full to bursting with pride that Sam is such a caring and loving big brother.

A rainy day and I was running to the van with Katie when she commented, "It's not raining Mumma...just dribbling."

Teresa shared a joke with me the other day. She could barely get the punchline out between her giggles. I love her giggles.

What's invisible and smells like carrots?

Bunny farts! :)


karla said...

those are great snippits of everyday life. I love the one where Sam asked J if he wished for his hair back. It made me LOL

EntertainingMom said...

Sweet snippits!

Dori said...

Great snippets! Kids are so funny sometimes.