Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I ♥ Faces laughter photo challenge

This weeks theme for the i heart faces photo challenge is Laughter. I love this picture because of the interaction going on between my youngest and oldest. They found something funny and couldn't help giggling over their joke. I think it's kind of funny too how my older daughter doesn't stop looking at the camera despite the silliness going on around her. Not only does this photo capture the close bond my three children have, it also manages to capture the joy they get in being together...and I love it.

I'm still very much the newbie at this photo thing but if you want to check out some amazing photos go to i heart faces and visit some of the other entries.


Stacy said...

Great shot!

Wilma said...

Newbie or not, it's such a sweet moment. It's the reason we all go out and buy cameras, to capture moments like that.

Karli said...

I love this photo! They look like well loved kids that really love and appreciate each other.