Friday, August 27, 2010

window shopping

I begin this by saying, I am not a cook. It's not that I don't like to cook or that I don't enjoy trying new recipes. I do. In fact, there was a time in my life when I liked to pretend I was a host on my own cooking show as I prepared food. But now I have three children who seem to be going in three different directions at any given moment. Most of the time I rely on tried and true recipes. Ones that are fairly simple and don't require fancy ingredients one can only find in tiny little markets in the big cities.

But, oh, how I love love love kitchen stuff. I could waste hours in Williams Sonoma or the now defunct Kitchen Etc. I adore all the ingenious little gadgets and adorable little bowls and obscure spices. One of my favorite all time catalogs is the King Arthur Flour catalog. Have you ever seen this one? I literally read the entire catalog from cover to cover. I pore over it. I read and reread the item descriptions so many times I could recite some from memory. And I lust after just about everything. Even though I know I would probably never even take most of it out of the cabinet. I have just finished memorizing...I mean reading...the latest catalog and these are just a few items that I thought should be in my home. Whether it makes sense or not.

Look, cookie scoops. They come in several different sizes and you get perfectly uniform balls of dough. I don't really have a problem making balls of dough of similar size using my tablespoons but I love having a tool that is so task specific. I didn't even realize I needed one of these...but I do.

Oooh! and this!!! I love chocolate but I do not love chocolate cake. I don't really care for brownies all that much either. But this looks like a cross between chocolate cake and fudge. And I really really really need to try if possible.

I LOVE these cupcake liners. They are so fun and pretty! As much as I want them to adorn all the future cupcakes and muffins I will make even I can't justify spending money on something that is ultimately only going to get thrown away. But oh, they are just sooooooo pretty!!!

I have to admit I have never even eaten crystallized ginger or anything with crystallized ginger in it. I have no idea what makes me want to have it in my pantry but I do.

And look at this. Another item I never even knew I had to have. A salt server with an itty bitty oh so adorable spoon. I think that spoon is the real reason I want a salt server. I will probably have to buy some of the salts they sell to put in my fancy salt server. Something called "fluer de sel de guerande" or "red hawaiian sea salt" because Mortons just wouldn't cut it.

I didn't care much for dried fruits of any kind until quite recently. But now I am a convert. I love them all and add them to baked goods, cereals and trail mix. Once again I am sucked in because it looks sooooooo yummy.

I could add my tropical dried fruits to this! Pompanoosuc Porridge! I don't care what the porridge tastes like because it's just so fun to say the name. Poooooooommmmmpaaaaaaaaaanooooooooooooooosuc!

Or, I could add my tropical dried fruits to my own homemade yogurts? I can make individual servings of yogurt right in my own kitchen. Individual serving sizes customized to everyone's specific tastes. I have no idea how to make yogurt but realized while reading the item description that I've always wanted to. Really. I think.

Oooooooooohhhh!!! and this!!! Look it's a bowl for bread dough to rise in and the coiled pattern of the bowl is imprinted on the dough so your bread has a subtle pattern to it after it's baked. Lets just ignore the fact that I have never made homemade bread in my entire life and really don't intend to. Because this's just so cool!

Now these little pans, on the other hand I would use. The problem is I can't decide which one to get. Do I get the pan that makes preformed wedge shaped scones for me?

Or do I go with the one that would make the most adorable itty bitty preformed scones? I get the stoneware baking dish because you know everything baked in stoneware is infinitely better?

Maybe I'll just get all three.

Did you know you can BUY a kit of "secret ingredients?" You can. Then all your baked goods can officially have that special something and when people ask you what it is that makes it so unique and so damn good, you can smile, wink and say "that's my secret ingredient." I have always wanted to put secret ingredients in when I cook but have no clue what exactly those were. Problem solved...just buy the kit and you're good to go.

This is another stoneware baking piece. And it has little teacups and teapots that will be embossed into your shortbread when you bake it. Seriously? I HAVE to have this. Stoneware, teacups, and shortbread. It's like a dream come true.

This is just a taste (you like that little pun? totally intended) of the must have goodies I lust after every time I receive a catalog from King Arthur Flour. I rarely buy anything but I do so enjoy all the perusing. With three kids, I don't have the time to wander through kitchen ware stores and even if I did have the time, I'm terrified at the thought of all those glasses, stemware and other breakables at the mercy of my children's manhandling. My studying of the King Arthur Flour catalog is a little escape for me. I can indulge my fantasy of being a baker extrodinaire with every necessary tool and ingredient at my fingertips even as I sip my tea (made from a teabag not with a mix of spices and steeped in a tea ball) and nibble my plain non teacup imprinted shortbread.

(all images courtesy of King Arthur Flour)


EntertainingMom said...

I am a food/kitchen accessory addict!!! I so look forward to my WS catalogs when they come in the mail!

jen aka mommay said...

I'm a kitchen gadget whore. There, I said it! (well maybe typed it) ;)