Monday, May 17, 2010

Mudge and his blankie

This dog is quite a character. He has more personality than an entire litter of puppies. Which can make him a handful more often than not. But it also ensures that you fall in love with him and his antics just when you think you're ready to lose it.

When we first brought the puppies home we'd spread an old blanket on the floor in the hopes that they would prefer that over the couch. I was NOT budging on the "no dogs on the couch" rule. Absolutely not even one little inch. Yeah, that lasted about 30 seconds. However, they did really seem to like that old blanket. We continue to put it on the floor and they often wrestle on it and sometimes, if the couch is full, will curl up and take a nap on it. I began putting it in their crate with them at night. Now, each morning I get up and let them out of the crate and out into the backyard. Ten minutes later they're at the door whining to come in. A lot like the kids do actually. As soon as I let them in, Mudge runs over to the crate and drags that old blanket out and pulls it into the living room. He especially, is in LOVE with that old blanket.

He likes to lay on top of it and nuzzle into the folds and creases as if he's looking for small animals. He gets quite vicious and winds up biting the blanket and rolling around until he's all tangled up and has strands hanging from his mouth.

And then, when he's exhausted himself hunting down all the small characters hiding out in his blankie and he is wrapped from nose to tail, he'll snuggle down and go to sleep.


I heart said...

OMG, he's so adorable!! Great pictures! I especially love picture #3

Wilma said...

What a super handsome dog, with personality to boot.

Dori said...

He is adorable! Makes me want to go out and get a big dog again.