Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm telling myself it's big ONLY from a 3 year old perspective

The other morning I was cleaning up after snack and getting ready for circletime. The kids had already headed in to the playroom and were negotiating who was going to sit where. This is big stakes stuff in case you were wondering. They spend endless amounts of time picking a spot and then suddenly realizing it's not THE optimum spot and try to move last minute and the other kids are brutal. They won't let anyone squeeze their bottom into their territory once they've claimed it. I was taking my time cleaning the baby's hands and face and wiping down the table so all the moving and a shaking were finished when I told them I was coming over. One of my three year olds called back to me "Okay Ree...and don't worry, I saved a place for your big bum. " Well, there's a big fat reality check for you.