Tuesday, August 18, 2009

summer fun moments 5, 6, 7, 8....ah, heck...I couldn't keep track...playing in the sand

My kids, like most, could play in the sand all day long. Teresa loves to squish the wet sand through her fingers and make sand drip castles or dribble it all over her legs. Sam is a digger. He will be a superb tunneler...you know, just in case he needs to tunnel his way out of prison or something. He just digs these random deep holes and then walks away to begin another. Katie is our builder. She wants to make castles. The more elaborately decorated with shells, rocks and seaweed the better. I've even indulged in some sand play myself. In case you were wondering, I enjoy building castles like my Kate. Let me tell you, she and I knocked out some spectacular palaces of sand over the last couple of months. I get very territorial though and hate to see them demolished. Unfortunately for me, that is a favorite activity of my kids. Most of the time I managed to bite back my wails of protest. We have gotten more than our money's worth out of our sandbox with all the use it's seen. But nothing can compare to being at the beach. There is a world of sand as far as the eye can see and they are in sandy heaven. They work on projects together and at other times go their separate ways to work on something of their own. We have spent days upon days at the beach and the kids have been able to satisfy the urge to play in the sand to their hearts content.
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