Friday, August 21, 2009

more summer fun....Mystic Aquarium

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While on vacation we took a trip to the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic CT. To say it was worth the expense would be an understatement. We all LOVED it! The aquarium has indoor and outdoor exhibits and many interactive exhibits too. Sam, Katie and I got to pet some sting rays. We'd put our hand into the tank and they'd swim up and rub against our hands like a cat. They are so smooth and it was an amazing experience. Teresa kept chickening out. She'd put her hand in and when a ray swam up, she'd yelp and jerk her hand out of the water. Katie had a blast in the touch tank holding sea stars and crabs in her hands. I don't think she loved the sea lion show all that much. The aquarium has a twenty minute show starring two adult sea lions and a youngster as well. It wasn't the greatest show but entertaining. We sat there front and center and watched the sea lions do their tricks. Afterwards the lights went up and we prepared to leave. Katie then proceeds to throw a fit because she says she missed the show. WHAT!!?? I still can't figure out what she was expecting. I'm thinking she was looking for LIONS and she is not accepting our explanations that those seals are really sea LIONS. But that was just a little blip in an otherwise wonderful day. The highlight, hands down, was the beluga whales. There are three of them and one was swimming around in the big tank and every time it passed the large windows and saw people waving, it would slow down, smile and wave back! The kids and I could have waved foolishly back at this beautiful animal all day long. We could have stayed longer and explored a bit more but after Katie's mammoth fit, we decided to hit the gift shop and head back to the beach house. Now we have an excuse to head back again sometime.

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