Sunday, August 2, 2009

early morning walk with my daughter

mug of tea in one hand and her hand in the other

seagull prints and mermaids purses, seaweed bracelets and a beach rose in her hair

discovering the wonder in the simple things...relishing the awe in her voice when she exclaims, "the sand! it's sparkling!"

the beach revealing little treasures; rocks worn smooth by the waves and shells shaped like shark teeth

her sandy feet leaving little girl prints

she dares the waves to kiss her toes and shrieks in happy protest when they do

if she's not asking questions, she is humming her delight

the sound of the waves rolling onto the shore and the spray catching us unawares

tasting the salt on her cheek when I steal a kiss

our shadows, reflecting how we feel, race ahead on our way down the beach and lag behind on our way back

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