Wednesday, March 4, 2009

what words can't you spell?

Last night I went to my parent's for dinner. I love to go there. They feed me, make me tea or serve me wine, and I can go through the enormous stack of magazines and catalogs they always have around. It's always fun to get my Dad going about the economy or education or politics. The kids eat cookies nonstop and play with my Mom's collection of action figures and try to stay out of their Uncle Tim's way.

The door is always opening and closing as people come and sisters, brothers and nieces and nephews are in and out. We are all so nosy and if we see a car in the driveway when we drive past it's impossible not to stop in and say Hi and see what's going on and most importantly make sure they're not talking about you...or at least make them stop talking about you.

While we were eating dinner last night the conversation turned to spelling. My sister remarked on some words that always gave her trouble...before (Kath! are you kidding me!!!!),license, and knowledgeable. My brother and I mentioned some words that we always seemed to spell wrong too; pieces, pacifier, business. It's like you have a mental block for certain words. And then my Dad added his two cents. He said "I know exactly what you mean. Every single time I use the word "funneling" I always spell it wrong." And when he looked up and saw our blank stares ("funneling" when in God's name do you use the word "funneling"?), he proceeded to explain how sometimes the cervix becomes smaller at the top and widens at the know, like a funnel. Ummmmm...OH! yeah, that kind of funneling. Ob/Gyn's....they sure know how to kill a conversation.


EntertainingMom said...


Will you write a book already?!!!

Marie said...

Jessica, you flatter me. Anyways, I don't think my attention span is long enough to write a book. :)

Anonymous said...

LMFAO!!!! That is hysterical...what did you guys say about me?????? : )


Marie said...

Nothing but good things Carol...HONEST! ;)

Sarah said...


Anne said...

So funny! I second "before"...and I add "embarressed and exaggerate"
You really do need to write a book marie.