Friday, March 27, 2009

got myself a tutor

Last Christmas Joe surprised me with a Canon Rebel xi. I had been drooling over the digital SLR cameras for months and months and months but never imagined he would get me one. And while the pictures I've taken since I received it are better than what I was getting out of my digital point and shoot, I knew I wasn't using the camera to it's fullest. Heck, I kept it on full automatic mode and was completely clueless as to what any of the other pictograms and letters on the dial meant. Any time I tried to use one of the other options the pictures were blurry or dark or just not what I was hoping, which wasn't much considering I had no idea what I was doing. I stumbled onto iHeartFaces blog through Andrea's blog. They are doing a tutorial for digital SLR cameras and I decided to follow along and give it a try. It may take some of the dauntingness (word?) away and I could end up with some better photos. I've only just begun playing around with the camera and these are some of the photos I got when I put it in the Av mode. It was tricky not to have everything all blurry but I practiced on still life and then got a couple of Kate when she was relatively still. I'm really pleased with the results. I know I won't be winning any prizes or having my own show or anything but still...not bad. So if you have a digital SLR and are stuck in auto mode, give these tutorials a try. You may be the next Ansel Adams once you figure out your never know. I am going to continue following the tutorial and practicing and look forward to demystifying my camera further still. Stay tuned for more of my new and improved (hopefully) pictures as I learn more.

The last two I turned off the flash and also adjusted the iso and aperture. Don't I already sound like I know what I'm talking about. I'm such a smug little know it all. (I won't even tell you that I only have the slimmest understanding of what that all means ;)


jen @ mommay's mayhem said...

Thanks for that link! I'm always wondering how to use all the other modes in my camera!!! =)

Dori said...

This link will be so helpful. I have the same camera and have only ventured beyond auto focus to the sports mode to capture M. soccer and baseball games.

Wilma said...

How Cool! It's a nice web site. Did you enter this week's no flash competition?

Also, iVillage now has a Family Photography board. Have you seen that?

Marie said...

Dori, Jen...I was inspired to try after looking over all the incredible photos at iheartfaces. I'm excited to actually get more out of the camera.

Wilma, you should enter your photos in their are amazing. I think I need to learn a little more before I get something contest worthy. but thank you for suggesting I could. :)