Tuesday, March 31, 2009

passive-aggresive dishwashing

I am one very lucky wife. My husband doesn't assume I am automatically in charge of all the domestic tasks. He vacuums, does the laundry, mops the floors and cleans the bathrooms. I don't have to ask him to do these things. He knows they need to be done and just does it. Meals are all on me but as for just about any other household task you'll find him doing them as often as you'd find me. Except for cleaning the bathroom, I HATE cleaning the bathroom and leave that onerous task all for him. We have a great post dinner system in which he does all the dishes and I put away any leftovers and wipe down counters, table and stovetop.

But of course, I still have to complain. He is under the impression that any pot or pan MUST sit in the sink and soak. And this drives me absofreakinglutely nuts. It doesn't matter if I boiled frozen peas, made pasta or roasted vegies in it. IF IT'S METAL IT MUST SOAK. It doesn't matter if there is food bits stuck all in the corners or if it looks as clean as it did coming out of the cabinet. IF IT'S METAL IT MUST SOAK. And he doesn't just leave it there overnight. Oh no...the pans sit there and soak for days, until they're practically rusting away and I finally get so pissed off I clean them myself...angrily cusssing him out all the while. I have politely explained to him when soaking is necessary and I have not so politely explained to him when soaking is necessary. It never seems to make much of an impression. I finally let in to him one afternoon when I had to empty the dishwasher and fill it AGAIN and the sink was FULL of SOAKING pans. I had had it. I went on and on until he was ready hit me off the head with one of those soaking pans.

So the other day I made some cookies and the cookie sheet went to the sink to await cleaning. I know Joe took my words to heart this time around, because when I went to put the dried dishes away, I found my non stick cookie sheet clean and sparkling in the drying rack. Wait a minute...a wee bit too sparkling. Non stick isn't supposed to sparkle and it's not silver colored. OH MY GOD!!!! The fool of a man scrubbed my cookie sheet so diligently he scrubbed the non stick coating right off.


Wilma said...

Oh no, he didn't! Maybe you'll just have to get some silpats now.

kidletsmum said...

I realise that laughing is the incorrect response here... but I'm laughing. Sounds like something my beloved would pull too!
So sorry, Marie!!!

EntertainingMom said...

Howling over here! That is hilarious! I make the cleaning so much easier by using parchment paper or those silicone baking sheets over my cookie sheets. Those things are a dream and I will never bake directly on a metal cookie sheet ever again!

karla said...

i am shocked, he musta scrubbed for ever to get the non-stick coating off. But yeah that's funny. Time to go shopping!

Marie said...

I had to laugh too. :)

Are silpats the same as the silicone baking sheets? And where does one buy such things?