Monday, November 17, 2008

we can cross soccer Mom off the list of things I'm good at

Soccer season just ended for my two soccer superstars. We spent Sunday afternoons, rain or shine, in our fold up chairs cheering them on as they ran aimlessly around the field chasing the ball. It didn't matter if they were offense or defense they still ran from one end of the field to the next hoping to kick the ball as hard as they could, most likely out of bounds. Seriously, they did have a real understanding of the positions by the end of the season (thanks Coach Mike and Coach Victor) despite the fact that they begged to be goalie every chance they could get. When it was sunny it was glorious but when it was cold and rainy I HATED IT!!! Anywho...some action they go chasing the ball this away...

and there they go chasing the ball a thata way.
forgetting that they're on the same team and talking trash to each other
Who would have thought I would ever have reason to yell "Teresa...stop hugging your brother!" but really can they just focus on, oh....I don't know....the GAME that's playing around them!!!
Yahoo!!!! For all everyone knows they dribbled it down the field, passing the ball off to each other and scored the winning goal. That's my story anyways (I know nothing about any balls being kicked out of bounds ;)
And what is a bored three year old to do all those endless Sunday afternoons? How about make some funny faces for Mumma's camera?


Wilma said...

Hi Soccer Mom, your kids are too cute. Is Katie going to play soccer too? Nice shots btw, love that light.

Marie said...

thanks Wilma! I'll let Katie play soccer if she offers me the right bribe....j/k! :)

Jenni said...

I love the picture of them hugging and those last funny faces are TOO cute!

(fairy) Godmother said...

Love it!

and I too LOATHE watching games in crappy weather!

Anne said...

So cute! Katie's hair is so light!