Tuesday, November 25, 2008

two projects to keep little hands busy this Thanksgiving

Festive Thanksgiving Turkey

You will need a toilet paper tube (cut in half), markers, paper coffee filter, water and paint brush, glue stick and turkey parts (I printed mine out from dltk craftsite or you can just draw your own). I love using coffee filters with magic markers. When you "paint" them with water the effect is beautiful! For this project the children begin by coloring with markers onto the coffee filter.

Once it is completely colored (or even mostly colored) the kids can use a paintbrush dipped into water and "paint" the entire coffee filter. This will cause the colors to run and blend. Set that aside to dry. Next have the children color the parts of the turkey on the paper; head, body (which will wrap around the toilet paper tube), feet, wings and wattle. I cut out the pieces for the kids because they are small.

Then the kids can use glue sticks to glue the body around the toilet tube, head onto tube, wings and wattle. For the feet, I had the kids spread some glue on the inside of the tube and bend the back of the feet up into the tube. Once the coffee filter dries, glue around the edge and fold it in half. The kids should also put glue on the back of the tube turkey and press the folded coffee filter onto the back. Once dry, you've got a very cute centerpiece or place setting for your Thanksgiving table.

Cornucopia (I got this idea from FamilyFun magazine)
This is a great project or activity to have going on while the kiddos are waiting for their Thanksgiving dinners. You will need a sugar cone and an assortment of dried fruits, nuts, seeds, or whatever catches your fancy. Katie wanted marshmallows so we went with it. You will also need a small plate. I put all the ingredients into small bowls and scattered them around the table within easy reach of the children. Make sure the children wash their hands too. There will be nibbling as the children craft their cornucopias so make sure to have enough for crafting and eating.
Each child will need a sugar cone and a plate. Just let them stuff their cornucopias (sugar cones) with whatever foods they like until they are overflowing with plenty. This is easy enough for toddlers just make sure it's okay for them to eat whatever foods you are using.

The finished Horns of Plenty would also make cute centerpieces or place settings. This one was made especially by Katie for her Mimi's Thanksgiving table. Or the kids can just go ahead and gobble them up. Either way they should be a hit.

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Those are both brilliant ideas!