Friday, March 28, 2008

tissue, anyone?

Joe picked up some tissues at BJ's for the house but he has this thing where he neglects to read the fine print. The tissues he bought are the puffs plus with vicks menthol in them. Oh. my. GOD!!!!! You can smell those tissues, plugged nose and all, from across the freaking room even when they're closed up and still wrapped in cellaphane! Teresa walks by them with her nose all wrinkled up, Sam refuses to touch them altogether and Katie tells it like it is "Daddy got dose gwoss tissues!" Can I just say, if you're crying and need to wipe your eyes, these are not the tissues to use. OUCH! My eyes teared up for over an hour from the stupid vicks. Needless to say I made him go get us some of the non scented puffs.

Abruptly switching gears here but it's kinda sorta related. The other day Joe told me he felt like a cold was creeping up on him. Sam turned to him and said "Dad, if you get a boogidy nose, just come to Mumma and she'll take care of it." I'm glad Sam thinks so highly of me, however, Joe is on his own with that.


(fairy) Godmother said...

ROLFMAO and if he dares to approach you with his Boogidy nose you use a Menthol Puffs!!!!

karla said...

that is so funny that Sam volunteered you to pick dh's nose! LOL