Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Enjoying the little things

These photos have nothing much in common nor are they stunning examples of photography. They are little snippets of our life. The moments that happen a hundred times a day, every day. Often times the best moments of the day.

Can you guess what they are doing? They are "driving" somewhere in their "van." Don't you just love Katie's carseat?

An impromptu conga line!

Games galore...some we make up like this one...they called it "skunks in the barn...but don't ask me how it's played...very very complicated and everchanging...I couldn't keep up.

You gotta love playdough. I know I do. Well, I don't like to use it myself but I love the quiet and length of time my kids will play with it.
Books, books, books!!! And now that Sam and Teresa are reading sometimes I get to listen rather than read! Check out Sam's flying nun impersonation!!!

Cosmo, our beloved faithful funny friend. He is in love with my kids. I know it looks like he's trying to gnaw off Sam's hand but don't worry, he's not. They are playing a favorite game of all four where they hide the ball when Cosmo is in the other room waiting and then call him in to find it. The freaky thing is he always finds it no matter where it is hidden. But sometimes he forgets to stay in the other room and comes bursting in after the ball. This is endlessly amusing. And loud, very loud.
There are many nights I let my kids sleep in my bed. We are lucky enough to have a king size bed so you'd think a couple extra bodies, small ones at that wouldn't take up too much room. However that's not taking into account all their stuffed friends that must come to the slumber party as well. Don't you love how they've tucked them in at the foot of the bed?


(fairy) Godmother said...

Fun! Love the one of them in the van! LOL at K's car seat!

Jean said...

I think you're going to have to get yourself and extra bed just for all the little friends! Looks like the kids have lots of fun at your house!!