Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Big Game

This past Saturday Sam's team played in their "big game." He was so excited to play in a real gym with a time clock and bleachers; it was the real deal as far as he was concerned. I am so proud of my guy. He started off not being able to dribble the ball while standing in place and finished up dribbling from one end of the gym to the other with his teammates cheering him on. The smile on his face lights up the place. He now has a better understanding of how the game is played and the teamwork needed to score a basket. And he just plain loved being out there on the court shooting hoops with his friends. It would be easier to just say this type of activity isn't a good fit for him and bypass it altogether. He's had to work hard and listen to some teasing which just about breaks my heart. But Sam is familiar with having to push a little harder and that alone is not enough to make him want to quit. I am so so so proud of him for the skills he gained during basketball and the lessons he's learned. Who knew he would end up falling in love with the game. I am so glad he's had this experience and cannot wait for next season. Here are just a couple pictures from the big game. Sam was serious about sticking close to his "man" when on defense. Are his sneakers on the wrong feet?
Classic Sam!
The smile on his face brings a smile to my heart. And yes, his shoes are on the wrong feet.My MVP


Debra (dippy) said...

Ahh! The best thing to experience is watching your child accomplish something when you know how hard they worked at it and had fun, too.
Way to go Sam!

karla said...

Love those pics of Sam. How funny that he had his shoes on the wrong feet! LOL. He looks really proud of himself and i know that you are proud of him!

Jean said...

Yay Sam! I can tell how proud your Mom is!!