Sunday, January 27, 2008

Question everything...except Mumma!

I encourage my children to figure things out, to wonder about their world and to search for the answers to their questions. I love the curiosity they have about everything and anything. I am delighted they take me along as they explore this wonderous world. Because of these three little people I have looked at a beetle to see it's shining coat of armor, I have danced in the rain looking for earthworms, and I have dug in the dirt hunting for fossils. They never cease to wonder and the world is full of mysteries and treasures that are all there for the taking. And all the while they are talking and asking questions. As a former teacher I nurture this...however...they often come up with questions that absolutely stump me. I hate to disillusion them in their notion that Mumma knows all but often their queries leave me scratching my head. Here are just a few of the questions they've thrown my way lately:

Why do animals make different sounds?

Why is a stegosaurus a stegosaurus?

Why does a meat eater eat meat and a plant eater eat plants?

Why does the sun come up so early?

Why are socks slippery?

Why are blueberries blue and not red, purple, orange or green?

Why does snow melt?

Why does the moon follow us home?

What does big mean?

I mean really, that last question is one worthy of Plato himself!!! I have had to admit defeat when faced with most of these questions. I atttempted badly, with language far beyond their understanding, to answer some and ended up muttering to myself. So sadly my kids know Mumma doesn't really know it all...but that still hasn't stopped them from asking questions.

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