Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hoop Dreams

Sam started basketball a couple weeks ago. I'd love to say he is a natural but I'd be lying through my teeth. Nothing about the sport comes naturally to him. I think he spends more time chasing his ball all over the court than actually participating in the drills. Despite his manic ball chasing he has managed to improve some. The first week I sat in the stands and cried as I watched.. I wasn't crying because he wasn't a standout star. I was crying because once again he is struggling just to learn the basics while his peers are, quite literally, dribbling circles around him. I sat there and wished with all my heart that he didn't have to work so hard. And then he looked up at me and his smile was absolutely joyful. He was having a wonderful time and was so proud of himself. I left the pity party behind and joined Sam in his joyous attitude. I decided his way is so much more fun. Our third week in and again incremental improvement but his delight in the sport is undiminished. I just went out and asked him to shut off the tv which was tuned to a basketball game. He replied "I'm just watching so I can learn more for next Saturday!" Dream big little man, dream big.

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