Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I find myself sitting on the sidelines a lot these days.  Baseball, softball, basketball...I am the designated cheerleader.  Sometimes I holler loud and other times I mutter quietly to myself.  Not just my kids either, I cheer on all the kids.  Whether they're on "our" team or not.  A mom at the softball field asked me the other day, "which team are you rooting for?" when I hooted my support of a particularly impressive hit made by a girl on the opposing team as our daughters.  "All of them." is my answer.  I cringe inside when I hear parents yell, "strike him/her out!" Really?  They're little kids.  Even when they're a little bit older, cant you just encourage the pitcher rather than yell something that may stab at someone's sense of self?  I'm just not cut out for sports. 

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