Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We won!!!

I say "we" because while it was my name that was chosen as one of the winners to Liz's bow giveaway, my girls reaped the benefits of the winning. Liz was so sweet to include a bow for each of the girls even though we won just one. Thank you SOOOOO much Liz...they LOVE their new bows. She addressed the package to the girls. I got home from a meeting after school yesterday and Teresa came running up "Mumma! Mumma! Katie and I got a package in the mail!!!! Can we open it?" At my yes, they grabbed the package up (I noticed one corner had already been pried open...further interrogation revealed Teresa to be the guilty party) and tore it open. Each bow was wrapped in tissue and they squealed with delight after unwrapping each one. They also insisted on wearing them immediately. Adorable!

Sam asked why he didn't get a present in the mail. He was none to pleased when I told him he was welcome to wear the bows too.

Thank you Liz! They are beautiful!


I heart said...

Those are adorable! Especially Sam! Haha

TaraC said...

Beautiful bows on beautiful girls! (and one very handsome boy!)

These are the Days! said...

The bows are only beautiful because they are on such BEAUTIFUL (and HANDSOME :) children!!!! Oh, I'm sooo glad that they liked them...that makes my day!!! :) Thanks for posting pictures Marie!!!! ;)