Friday, December 18, 2009

candy canes

We made some festive candy canes with Crayola model magic dough. I LOVE this stuff. If you've never used it, you don't know what you're missing. I don't use it for playdough play but for projects to dry and save it is perfect. It is soft and pliable and dries lightweight and quickly. I gave the kids some red and some white dough and told them to roll them out into snakes. Then we used a plastic play knife to cut the ropes of dough into little pieces. I demonstrated how to squish the pieces together and let the kids loose. I told them we were making candy canes so when they finished they should shape it to look like a candy cane. However, what Katie heard me say was "candy K" and she made a perfect little candy K. Kids, you just never know how they'll make you laugh next. Her friend A decided she wanted to make a candy A after she saw Katie's K. The other kids were too young to join in on the letter making and decided to stick with the candy. They dried overnight and ours are hanging on my kitchen curtain rod. A fun, quick and festive activity that can keep little hands busy while you're making cookies.


These are the Days! said...

Soooo cute!! Love your header! ;)

TaraC said...

Oh, the candy K is just simply PERFECT!