Tuesday, November 10, 2009

have you thanked a Veteran?

We have been talking about Veteran's Day around here. Who are Veterans and why we have special day off because of them. Teresa has really taken it to heart and decided to thank any passing Veterans by making a flag for the yard. I think she actually understands and is grateful to America's soldiers. I'm proud of her for acting on her gratitude. Maybe we can all follow her example and take the time today to thank a Veteran. We Americans take for granted the way of life we have here in America. But were it not for the sacrifice of the men and women in uniform, our lives could be very very different.

There is a veteran I'd like to thank in person, but I think it would make him uncomfortable. He served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and came home to us all in one piece. For that, we are grateful to God. While serving in Afghanistan he worked towards getting schools built, temples rebuilt and gave support to the local Afghan run government. The schools the people were working to build were little more than sheds and woefully undersupplied. This man contacted his high school Alma mater faith in action program to see if they'd like to donate school supplies. Thanks to his outreach over 400 pounds of school supplies found their way across the world into the arms of Afghan girls attending school for the first time ever. This soldier could have just completed his mission as given but he didn't. He saw a small way he could help make things a little bit better and he worked to make it happen. He saw how desperately the people in Afghanistan cherished their newfound freedom and he wanted to give more. I believe this is typical of our armed servicepeople. And I am grateful they are our ambassadors to the world and proud of all the work they do for us and for the citizens of our world. So I want to say thank you...for the freedom to bitch about our government...for the freedom to choose where to send my kids to school...for the freedom to work at a job I enjoy...for the freedom to live without fear...for the freedom to worship as I choose...for these freedoms and so many more, I am grateful to JPC and all his brothers, and sisters, in arms.

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I heart said...

I love Theresa's "Vetren's" day flags for the yard! What a sweet little girl. :)