Friday, November 13, 2009

a day at the cranberry festival

We headed out to Edaville Railroad for the cranberry festival. My kids have been to Edaville more often than I care to count but it never fails to deliver. We always have such a good time in a small town kind of way. It's not a big place and the rides are very mild mannered but we could spend all day there. And on this incredibly gorgeous fall day....we did. We arrived just after ten in the morning and didn't leave until after four in the afternoon. Can I add that there is maaaaayyyyybeeeee ten rides total in the park...not including the train ride. Yeah, we must have gone on every single ride at least a dozen times each. All the ride operators knew my kids by name that day. Especially the tilt a whirl guy. Good Lord, we must have gone on that a thousand times. They figured out which car twirled around the most, number seven by the way, and woe to the world if we didn't get that car. Did I also mention that because of her height, or lack of a few measly inches, Katie required a grown up to go with her on just about every ride...and yep, that was me most of the time. My sense of equilibrium is still trying to recover. Thank God my brother Dan showed up because I was Done, with a capital D, so I handed him my bracelet and called it a day.

Dan, Sam and Teresa enjoying the ride, even though it wasn't the twirliest one. I was sitting with my head between my knees at this point.

The girls on ole reliable number seven. They didn't stop twirling long enough for me to even get a good picture.

Here I am on the ferris wheel with Katie and Sam and Teresa are coming along behind us. The miracle of this picture ISN'T that I'm actually on the ferris wheel. And it ISN'T that I'm smiling. And it ISN'T that I actually released my death grip on the bar to wave, notice my death grip on Katie is still intact though. Poor Katie, she's so smashed into my side it's a wonder I didn't suffocate her. It's that Joe, all on his own initiative, PICKED up the camera and took a few pictures!!!!

We finally made it on the actual train ride through the bogs and forest. This has got to be one of my favoritest things in the whole entire world. We sat in the open car because it was so beautiful out. The train ambles through the woods and bogs and you can't help but relax and enjoy yourself.

Unless you're trying to take pictures of your kids and then you end up sweating and swearing because "GOD D@#A$@#!&$*! Can you all just F#@^%@*@@# look at the camera at the same F@#@#&$R time!" Just kidding...a little. Swearing at them doesn't seem to'd think I'd have that figured out by now...but no. I guess I'm a slow learner.

My one and only picture of the harvest because I was so busy trying to get a group shot of the three kids I think I missed it all. In my defense, it's only a twenty minute train ride.

Teresa's favorite pink caboose on our way out. Thanks Edaville...we'll be back! We'll be the fools twirling around in car number seven or swearing at each other on the train. Good times, I tell ya!

I'm so sorry about the underlining through the whole first part...I have no freaking idea how that came to be and hence there was no freaking way to figure out how to undo it. Believe me, I did try. After twenty minutes, I admit defeat and the underlining stays.

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I am very jealous... I want to go to a cranberry festival!