Friday, July 31, 2009

summer fun...#4, I believe...trip to the zoo

We all enjoyed a trip to the zoo where we met up with some friends. The kids all bonded instantly and everyone kept their eyes out for everyone else's little ones. Sam was looking forward to seeing the bison and they were unfortunately at the end of the route we took. So I endured "can we move on?" about 100 dozen times that afternoon...but other than that we had a wonderful time.

Sam and Teresa are pointing at...uuummmm, I have no clue now...and Katie and my friend Jessica's little guy A are cozying up to get a good look at....whatever it is.

Baby Giraffe Kenya

Katie and wouldn't know they just met.

A: I think if I slide this bolt this way it should open right up.

T: might need to jimmy it to the left a little more.

Okay, they didn't really discuss the way to open that lock but look at them! You know that's what they were thinking.

Teresa, Katie and J....looking at that same aquatic creature (I'm thinking it was the sea lions).

Teresa trying to find some shade

C and Sam studying the map to see if they can figure out a faster way to get to the goddamn American bison

Go ahead Katie...but just your fingers!

This picture cracks me up. So much for just her fingers. I love Jessica's expression. I think she's laughing at Katie getting all wet but the joke's on her because look behind her...A is walking over and he is DRENCHED.

Teresa holding hands with her new love J. She couldn't resist him and that's probably because he is the happiest little guy EVER.

The BISON...Finally!

While the Mom's would have loved to end the trip with a little cocktail or two, we ended up clicking our paper cups of Del's Lemonade and Watermelon slushes to toast a fabulous visit to the zoo. Cheers!

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EntertainingMom said...

What great photos Marie!!!

I am LMAO at myself and A all drenched!