Sunday, July 12, 2009

on the beach

Remember a few months back I mentioned I had made the resolution to lose some weight? I started back in September. I was determined to lose 10 pounds by June. I know, I'm so ambitious. Well, apparently, I'm a bit too ambitious. My scale informed me at the beginning of June that after nine months of kinda sorta watching what I eat and exercising at least three or four times a week I had lost a grand total of EIGHT, are you freaking kidding me!, pounds. Seriously????

I just wanted to lose that little extra jiggle around my middle and it really should not be that hard. But apparently it is. At least for me. I have been blessed with being tall and thin for nearly all of my life. I have never had to diet. I can't claim any credit for my long's just genetic. But after three kids and no time to fit in anything one could consider exercise, those pesky ten to fifteen, okay 20 pounds, crept on and just were refusing to leave. I figured I was going to have to try a diet but was clueless as to where to begin. A few of my friends had started the South Beach diet. Now normally, I scoff at diets. I believe one should be able to eat without all kinds of rules and guidelines to remember. I am of the belief that if you use good judgement most of the time in regards to what you eat, you'll be fine. Well, that mindset wasn't really helping me shed those extra pounds, now was it?

So I sceptically decided to try the South Beach diet. And as God as my witness, I'm a true convert. It really worked. I started this diet June 11th. I have already lost ten pounds! I know that's not a huge amount of weight but, HELLO! it took me nine times that amount of time to lose just about the same amount of weight my way. My belly is flatter...I can actually see waist definition! My shoulders are skinnier. I never even knew my shoulders were chubby. Clothing I bought last summer, is now a wee bit baggy. Who knew making better decisions about what I put into my mouth could actually make such a difference. DUH! So, for now, I am staying on the beach. It's not always easy for me, but it's working. I could not be any happier.

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Wilma said...

That's awesome Marie. Congrats!