Sunday, June 28, 2009

not so thrilled

Am I the only person in America that is not in mourning over the passing of Michael Jackson? I am sick to death of hearing "ABC, 123" on the radio and seeing endless news documentaries detailing all the ups and downs of his life. He was no Pope John Paul the II or Mother Teresa or Gandhi. He was an exceptionally talented entertainer of questionable reputation who made MILLIONS of dollars.

What a shame people waste so much time and energy making so much to do over his death and yet don't give a passing thought to the men and women sacrificing their lives overseas. People can't even take the time out on Memorial Day or Veteran's Day to reflect on the sacrifices of our armed service people. Call me a sourpuss, but I can't be bothered honoring a pop star when the rest of the world can't be bothered honoring these true heroes.


EntertainingMom said...

Touche! But I did toss my tassle loafers aside in the 80s for the penny loafer kind because MJ had them! LOL and I did grow up to his songs and so hearing them on the radio is, for me, a lovely trip down memory lane.

Wilma said...

Never really cared for his music and also did not understand that people would still adore the guy when there were obvious major character flaws.

I feel sorry for his kids. What on earth is going to happen to them, who knows.

You're not a sourpuss. You're just levelheaded :-)

Sarah said...

gotta agree with you on this one. Yes, he was talented. very talented. I understand that his music influenced millions. But, he was also irresponsible, scary, and dangerous. And avoided any punishment b'c of his fame and money. The whole situation is just sad.