Monday, June 1, 2009

Five things I love about summer and a giveaway to help wile away some long summer afternoon

I was tagged by Jessica. This was an easy one because there is SO much I love about summer. Also if you want the chance to win a new book, autographed by the author, jump over to Jessica's blog to find out how you can win. Perhaps you can bring your FREE new book to the beach with you. While you're there, wish Jessica a Happy Birthday too!

1. the 4th of July...not just because we're celebrating America but also because it's the one time all year my entire family, all eleven kids plus families and our parents, gather at my parent's houses on the beach to gab, eat, drink and spend hours lolling about in the yard or on the beach

2. speaking of my parent's beach houses...our summer vacation where we get to spend a glorious week beaching it there...spending time at the beach jumping in the surf, searching for treasures and reading a book in between naps

3. sweet sugar corn on the cob

4. watching my kids eat popsicles and maybe eating a few myself

5. cooking and eating outside...and all the salads and grilling that are part and parcel of summer eating

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EntertainingMom said...

we have that same plate! (last picture -- by Sam ;)