Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a little thanks goes a long way...remind me to call my Mom

I've been feeling very swamped these days. So much to do and we have to be in so many places all at the same time. Dance and baseball and laundry and softball and playdates and laundry and grocery shopping and first communion preparations and laundry and family parties and birthday parties. Oh, and did I mention laundry. It's been a whirlwind of a spring with very little rest for the weary. Don't get me wrong...I love watching the kids in their activities and love getting together with family and friends to celebrate. The usual day to day stuff can be daunting and you throw in several "special" events and it can be overwhelming. And the kicker is we don't get any thanks for all zillion little things we do all day long. Usually we get complaints or fussing but rarely do we get thanks. Not that I'm looking for kudos, but it sure would be nice. I often wonder at times like these about my Mom. How did she manage the same hurricane of things to do with not three kids but eleven? . I seriously think I owe my Mom more thanks than I could possibly give, even if I thanked her every minute for the rest of my days...not just for all she did for me but for putting up with me. I was one of those teenagers, if you know what I mean.

Yesterday, one of my daycare friends M was very solemnly watching me get lunch ready. I prepped the grapes, sandwiches and yogurt and assembled it all onto five plates and I heated up the bottle for the baby and poured milk into five little cups. Finally I brought everything over to the table. M had closely observed every step of the process but never once responded to any of my chatter. Her big brown eyes just took everything in. I picked up the baby to feed her and was just about to call the kids to come to the table when M quietly stated "You do good job, Ree."

Awww....thanks M...I really needed that.


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What a sweetheart.

Sarah said...

cute! and so true. you do do a good job!