Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter day in review

In our house the Easter Bunny hides the kids baskets, a tradition carried over from my childhood. The kids spend the days before Easter wondering where the bunny is going to hide their baskets this year and ruminating over past hiding places. The Easter bunny found a few small laundry baskets and put them into service this year as Easter baskets. The kids get very little candy; some jelly beans, chocolate eggs, and some Lindt chocolates in the shape of chicks and bugs and a bunny. They also got bubbles, slinkys, kites, chalk, small animal toys and stuffed animals. Sam was the first up and found his basket easily. Katie needed a little help finding hers in the form of clues and gentle nudges in the right direction. Teresa found hers last of all and she insisted on finding it on her own. If she even thought I was about to give a hint, she'd put her hand up, palm out and let out an angry "MUMM-MA!!!" They sat and happily sifted through the goodies and to my surprise not a one of them asked to have any candy. That request did come but not until we returned from church. I fully expected one of them to ask (Katie, in particular) but they were so busy playing with their slinkys and animals it just never crossed their minds.

After church we came home and the girls helped me assemble the strawberry cake I made to bring to my sister's. They helped whip the cream and mash some strawberries and their reward for all their hard work...licking the beaters. Get a look at Teresa's chompers....she's our little circus sideshow with front teeth that refuse to come out despite permanent teeth being nearly completely grown in. I was denied the toothless front teeth look with her. (Don't you worry, she's scheduled to get the stubborn baby teeth's just taken months to get an appointment...who knew dental surgeons were in such demand) The kids gamely posed for some pictures for me in their Easter finery. We ended the day at my sister's. It was a riot of food and cousins and plastic Easter eggs. My sisters and I hid nearly 200 eggs which the kids found in about six minutes. I can never get good egg hunt pictures because they just move so darn fast. They can't do this egg hunt thing's serious business. And remember how I was patting myself on the back about the fact that none of them asked for candy first thing in the morning? I was a bit too quick to do so. They gorged themselves on candy from the egg hunt and from the small dishes of candy my sister seemed to have everywhere, the entire afternoon. They more than made up for their candyless morning. Oh's just one day. And a blessedly glorious day at that. (Not just because of the candy either)


Dori said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Glad you all had a happy Easter.

EntertainingMom said...

Looks like you had a great Easter... the photos are fab!