Monday, February 23, 2009

a note of gratitude

The other morning I woke up achy and my throat was sore and my nose was stuffed. I wanted nothing more than to curl back up into my nest of blankets and go back to sleep. My kids on the other hand woke up rested and hungry and full of grand ideas. They descended on me in my misery and not so gently prodded me to semi consciousness. They whispered sweet nothings about breakfast and ihop and bacon and french toast and eggs. I tried to roll back into the blissful ignorance of sleep but they wouldn't allow it and to be quite honest it annoyed me.

I dragged myself out of bed muttering under my breath about "sick and tired and tired and sick", which they took to mean we were going out for breakfast. Now I love going out to breakfast as much as the next guy...probably more...but I was just not up for getting everyone dressed, washed and brushed to head out to eat. I grumpily told them it was not happening. I was in no mood to go out for breakfast. Were they downcast that their plans for the morning were squashed? Not at all. As I made my tea I saw the three of them huddled together over at the kitchen table with the marker box and some pieces of paper.

Next thing I knew they had taped signs up around the house that colorfully indicted we were now an IHOP franchise. Sam presented me with menus, a drink menu and a food menu that they created. They then went to work setting up chairs in the living room and putting out napkins. I couldn't help but be drawn into their enthusiasm. Sam and Teresa put on aprons and took orders on little notepads, which they brought to me in the kitchen. They were able to cook the frozen waffles and pour the cereal that were ordered but needed my help with the French Toast. Sam and I went online to The Entertaining Kitchen and found a french toast recipe...yes I needed a recipe, no need to laugh. And Teresa and he helped me put it together. My only job was to supervise and cook them up in the pan. They then served everyone their food and we all relaxed in the living room, oops I mean, restaurant, as we ate.

Afterwards I got to thinking about how much fun they had and how my protestations did nothing to stop them. They moved from one plan to the next with excitement and they dragged me, rather reluctantly at first, along with them. I am so grateful to these three little people for not letting me wallow in my misery. They remind me to celebrate life every day, not matter how I may feel. I am so very lucky.


EntertainingMom said...

I'm sorry you were not feeling better but look at all the good that came of it! i am also sorry you don't blog every day! How was the French Toast?

Wilma said...

I hope you're feeling better now. You're very lucky to have those awesome kids (but ... I'm pretty sure you have something to do with their awesomeness).

Dori said...

You have some wonderful kids. Hope you're feeling better.

karla said...

your kids seem so wonderful. Taking the situation in stride and making the best of it. Gotta love 'em!

Marie said...

I'm feeling much better now...thanks for the well wishes.

Jessica, the French Toast was delish...I added some vanilla and cinnamon too. YUM!