Monday, December 29, 2008

All I want for Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas. It was not a busy rush rush try to fit everything in kind of Christmas. This year due to some snowy weather and then rain we ended up spending much of our time at home. I couldn't have wished for more. Their vacation began with the big bang of a snowstorm. That first weekend of vacation is a blur of playing in the snow, drinking hot cocoa and watching Christmas specials. We managed to squeeze in some gingerbread crafting and cookie making as well. The surplus of snow and ice did however, cancel our planned Christmas celebration with Joe's family. We usually go to see the Festival of Lights at Edaville every year but Christmas Eve was rainy and windy so we reluctantly decided to skip it this year. Instead, we pulled out our Polar Express Brio train set and Thomas Christmas set and built up a little Santa's village on our train table and the kids played with it all evening. They read Christmas stories with us and each other. They played with the Jesus sets and bid adieu to Max William our Christmas Elf. Christmas Eve ended with a nightcap of cookies and milk for themselves and some set out for Santa as well. It was a quiet Christmas, a simple Christmas, and while I do love all the parties and extras we missed out on this year due to the weather, I like this kind of Christmas too.

As long as I've got these smiling faces under my tree each year...I've got all I could wish for. Or as Katie so eloquently put it after opening her Alexa and Liana Barbie dolls, "My heart has it's wish come true!"


Dori said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas.
O got the same Barbies as Katie. If I hear "I Feel Connected" one more time my ears may bleed. LMAO!

Erik William said...

So sweet!!!

Erik William said...

oops...this is Anne....I'm logged in as Erik.