Monday, June 2, 2008

two peas in a pod

Katie and R cannot remember a time when they did not have each other to pal around with. Cousins, born less than a month apart, they have slept in the same crib, bathed together and shared everything from diapers to playthings.

They had their own little names for each other, Baaboo and KeeKee, that I miss now that they can talk properly.
R will do anything to make Katie laugh, including sticking his head in the toliet (yup, he really did) and Katie is R's best audience. They comfort each other with such tenderness and defend each other when necessary. R has even scolded me a few times for making his KeeKee cry.

I adore the relationship that has grown up between these two. When we left my sister's house last night, Katie was sobbing, telling me to go home and pick her up later. I came in from putting bags in the car to see R kneeling at her feet, stroking her back. Love and laughter are the hallmark of their relationship and I hope that never changes.

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