Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My little worker bees

My kids are now income earning members of society. They began receiving allowances last week. After waaaaay too much thinking about it, Joe and I decided they would have to earn their allowance. We already expect them to pick up after themselves, to get dressed and do basic hygiene. The allowance is given for additional tasks they are now responsible for. I made a little list with three categories; daily, weekly and as needed. Daily they have to put their clothes in the hamper, set the table for dinner and clear their dishes after dinner. They also need to straighten their beds in the morning. Weekly they empty the wastebaskets into the kitchen trash and dust. Feeding and watering the dog and folding towels are chores they do as needed. {Our dog has some odd eating habits and a scoop of food will stay in his bowl for a day or two before he eats it all. So he doesn't need to be fed every day. Just wanted to make that clear so no one got the wrong idea and thinks we don't feed the dog.} We decided to give them $2.50 a week and 1/2 of it must go into their savings account. We are now into the second week and the kids are in love with this whole system. Everyone they meet gets to listen to the chore list. I'm sure my dry cleaner and the pharmacist and paper guy really wanted to know exactly what chores my kids have and when they need doing. I wonder how long the honeymoon period is? I know there will come a day when the chore list isn't read aloud with rapture but I wonder just how long I have?

Teresa has taken to folding like a duck takes to water. She does a very nice job too. She is a perfectionist and makes sure her corners meet and there's no wrinkles. She will happily fold a basket of dish towels or receiving blankets, humming away as she works. This new found love of folding has created a whole new game in our house. Teresa uses receiving blankets to wrap items from around the house, like the remote, bibs, small toys, books and the mail. Then she distributes the "presents" to her intended recipients. We have to ooh and ahh and yell "It's just what I wanted!" Then she takes it back and the cycle begins again. Ingenious little game and she'll play it all day. I honestly don't know why I insist on buying my kids toys.

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