Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Maine: by the numbers

7: days spent at the lake in Maine



37: bags of Humpty Dumpty potato chips consumed in those 7 days
6: bags of Humpty Dumpty potato chips we bought to bring home
5: nights there were sleepovers with cousins in cabins or tents
2: nights random nieces appeared on my doorstep at bedtime
0: number of times I heard "I'm bored."
1847: collecitive number of mosquito bites
1: nights I had to make dinner
3: movies enjoyed under the stars


0:number of showers the kids got in 6 days
17: rides in the boat


3: number of boat rides where Sam got to "drive"
359: rocks the kids painted that we had to haul home
5: time I got up each morning
4:beds in our cabin


0: number of nights Sam slept in a bed
6:number of nights Sam slept on the recliner
7:spectacular dinners AND desserts
1: trip to town for supplies
4 (okay 5): trips to town for alcohol
2: nights we heard moose


6:nights we heard loons
5: days spent sitting by the lake
1: day spent on the party barge
1:spectacular, amazing, relaxing week


78: times I remarked that this was the BEST VACATION EVER!



I heart said...

Sounds like so much fun!

Anne said...

Marie I LOVE this!!!! hahaha!!!