Wednesday, December 5, 2012

never wake a sleeping baby


In the mornings, I often gate the dogs into the kitchen.  With all the comings and going as kids are dropped off or running out the door to catch a bus, it's just easier not to worry about them getting in the way or worse, getting out.  They do not like this.  Not one little bit.  The two of them will sit in front of the gate whining like a two year old the entire time.


Unless of couse, I am in there with them. I stand at my counter fixing breakfasts and lunches and this is what happens when I do.

And like any good pet parent I stand as still as I can, so as not to awake my slumbering babies.  When I do need to move, I ever so carefully sllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiide my feet out from under their heads.  I know, I am nuts. 

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I heart said...

They are pathetic! haha