Sunday, December 4, 2011

signs of Santa

We mosied on down the road to one of the local cranberry farms the other day in search of our Christmas tree. This particular cranberry grower made the decision to grow Christmas trees on the uplands. It's a wonderful place to go choose your Christmas tree. We always forget to go early in the season and tag one so the trees we end up with shall I put it?...character. The kids wander around the bog roads and in and among the rows of trees until the perfect one is finally found. Apparently Santa himself also comes to this very farm to choose his Christmas tree too. My kids know this for a fact.

While walking down the bog road, what to our wondering eyes should appear? But the imprint of one of Santa's reindeer!

The kids spied this deer print and quickly came to the conclusion that it was not just any ordinary deer print but it was a reindeer print. And it was not just any ordinary reindeer print but it was one of Santa's reindeer's prints. The magic of the season infuses everything and it makes this Mumma's heart so happy that the magic is still there for all three of my kiddos. Makes it all the more magic for me.

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