Wednesday, October 19, 2011

routine check up

The other day I took Teresa and Katie in for their annual check ups. My kids love going to see their doctor. He always takes time to talk with them and he appreciates them as individuals. While we were waiting in the exam room Katie was drawing and coloring a picture for her doctor. Now that she's in school, EVERYTHING is about writing. She kills more trees than a lumberjack with all the writing she's been doing. Anyways, she drew a sweet picture of herself in one of those paper dresses for the doctor and then she wanted to write "thank you." She starts sounding out the words. However, what with all those missing teeth, Katie's "thank" sounds more like "fank" and of course SHE knows best and won't listen to any guidance from me so she makes a great big "F" at the top of her paper. Then, because she is only in kindergarten, she skips over the whole rest of the word and moves on to the next word. You. So right next to her great big "F" she makes a great big "U." Of course I couldn't help but chuckle. "F-U" Bwahahahahahaha!!!
The doctor finally came in and both girls went through their exams. They chatted about school and activities. Then the doctor told them they'd both be getting flu shots and Katie also needed her chicken pox booster. Cue the frowns. And when Kate got her shots, the screaming commenced. It was not pretty. And she was furious. However she calmed down quickly and they got dressed so we could leave. That was when Katie discovered she had forgotten to give the doctor the picture she made him. Luckily he was not with another patient, and Katie proudly handed him the picture. I've got to give him credit. He laughed and thanked her for the picture. To me he added, "She really wasn't happy about those shots, huh?" I'm so glad he has a sense of humor.


I heart said...

Hahaha What a great story!!!

Jean said...

Ha! That's awesome!! Your Pedi sounds terrific. We really like ours too. We were there yesterday for James, and Andrew even said he loves him. :-) I could do without his wife though...I think she's having a hard time with menopause, because holy smokes is she moody!

Sarah said...

lmao! Too funny!