Monday, August 1, 2011

bad habit

When Katie was born I had a 4 year old, a three year old and an infant. When you have three very young children, you end up doing everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, with some little one in tow. My solution to doing laundry with an infant, just toss her in the laundry basket and work around her. Don't worry, she never found her way into the spin cycle. Kate found the task somewhat relaxing (wish I could say the same) and would plunk her thumb in her mouth amidst the piles of dirty or clean clothes, depending on where we were in the laundry cycle, and just chill.

Is it any wonder then, that today, my child is found clutching a dirty sock as she sucks away on her thumb?

I take full responsibility.

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Donna Remedis said...

Bad Habits!!! HUH!!! enjoy every minute of it, she will not go to college sucking her thumb!! She is adorable... Kids grow up to fast. enjoy every minute with her. I wish Kelly would do some of the cute things she used to do, besides stomp her so not cute anymore foot!!!! Miss you, Donna