Friday, June 17, 2011

spelling sentences

It's the last full week of school. All week long the kids have been bringing home various folders, nametags and odd bits of paper that have resided in the dark recesses of their desks all year long. One item carted home in Teresa's backpack was her spelling journal. Every week she would write sentences in the notebook. One for each of her spelling words that week. Teresa loves to write and as tedious as spelling sentences sounds, it was probably her favorite homework. I started flipping through the notebook, just reading idly and began to chuckle. She is so funny. Whether she means to be or not. Some of the sentences give insight into Teresa's personality. Some are just a little goofy. Some are heartwarming. And a lot are about food...go figure.

Sometimes school annoys and bothers me. (ha!)
A tulip has a good phregress. (fragrance...why use a boring word like scent or smell when you can use a fancy word?)
I love salad so much.
I wish I did not speak English. (huh?)
No one is a know it all in our class. (tee! hee!)
I love popcorn.
My house is not spotless. Is yours? (She got that right!)
Sometimes I wrinkle my nose. (she does! I didn't know she was aware she was even doing it.)
I will never disagree. Only if something is wrong.
I love blueberry pie.
Everyone's throat is in their mouth.
I have a great inspirational thought. (okay, the word "thought" was the spelling word not "inspirational"...seriously, it is typical for this kid to toss around five syllable words when conversing)
I have two feet on my legs.
Don't get on my last nerve!
I want to avoid rice and qubsia.
I am beautiful everyday. ♥
I want a banana split.
Sometimes mice are in my house. My Mom freaks out. (she ain't kidding)
Katie should be herself everyday. (because normally she is......?)
I once on axedent overflowed the sink.
I might have to rewrite this sentences. (you think?)
I will not shrink into my cereal bowl. ( huh???)
everyone should have a doorknob. (yes they are handy devices)
I sometimes gnaw on my food.
You'd smell if you did not take a bath. (she's
I am afraid of a mythical creature. (there she goes with the fancy words...mythical has much more punch than pretend or made up)
I like to open things like drawrs.
I have a nice and loving family. ♥
I have to chew my food before I swallow.
I just adore the soft cushion on the chair. (what eight year old thinks things like this?)
I am still in my childhood.
My Mom is in her parenthood. (bwahahahahah!)
I will take a walk on the bog today.
I will talk on the walk on the bog. (must have been Dr. Suess week.)
I have seen a cartoony trought. (what the??? I can't even begin to figure this out)
I dislike rice and cubasy. (just in case she didn't make it clear the first time she wrote of her distaste for rice and kielbasi)
I am full of kindness in my heart. ♥
I have fairness. I'm not full of it though. (the honesty kills me! ha!)
I'm not full of illness as you can see.
I don't like the song "banjos on my knee."
Sometimes I am a hostess and I don't even know it. (something tells me she wasn't too sure what the word hostess means)
I don't have a daughter yet but I will. ♥

When you do Teresa, I hope she is as beautiful and funny and quirky and sweet as you are

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I heart said...

Oh that is absolutely adorable and hilarious! That's keeper for sure!