Monday, October 4, 2010

my baby is a preschooler but I'll be damned if I stop calling her my baby

Taking that first step away from Mumma onto that road to Independence. While I am over the moon thrilled for her, I am more than a wee bit sad that she's not all mine anymore. Apparently, I'm not all that good with sharing.

To say Katie rocked her first day of preschool would be an understatement. She was giddy with excitement over starting school and wanted to leave for it already the moment she woke up. Unfortunately school didn't start until 11:45. Made for one loooooonnnnggg morning. Finally the big moment arrived and Katie marched out the door and could barely hold still for pictures. Notice the chewed sandal she wore. Thank you Mudge for that. Why she couldn't wear another one of her 352 pairs of shoes, I just don't know.

She hopped out of the van and practically ran up the ramp to join her teachers and classmates. Yes, I am a dork and I got all teary and proud to see her so eager and ready to be a big girl in preschool. And ready she was. She loves school. That first day she came home and announced, "Mumma, I made a new friend!" Shocked and surprised as all get out that friends could be found in school. The second day she informed us she made another new friend, although this one she could not remember the name of. Only in preschool are you friends with people and not know their names and it really doesn't matter.

She had her first little bit of preschool homework the other day. They learned all about the letter "b" and she was asked to make a list of words that started with the letter "b." Homework she knows all about and she got straight to it, wandering around the house saying "buh, buh, buh, dog! nope. buh, buh, buh, table! nope. buh, buh, buh...." She finally came over to me after a short brainstorming session and was ready for me to help her list her "b" words. We wrote bike, basket, backpack and bar (which she pronounced "BAH" My lord but that girl has the worst Boston accent evah!) and her last two words...bra and boob. Um, yeah, I edited her list a little bit.

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