Monday, January 25, 2010

this is why bedtime takes so darn long

Have you ever heard the quote "so many little time"?

Every night before bed, well...most nights, sometimes we don't manage to roll in from activities till half past bedtime, we have a family read in. We all gather reading materials and settle in on the couches or on the living room floor and we read. Usually we start out reading on our own. As part of their homework my older two have to read for 20 to 30 minutes each night on their own and I've taken to sitting with my own book while they do their reading. Of course Katie joined in on the fun and Joe certainly didn't want to be left out, so most nights we find him reading through the last of the newspaper during our reading time. Sometimes Teresa or Sam will read to Katie and each other during this time too. Our material ranges from chapter books, non fiction, magazines, picture books and even board books. Then it's read aloud time. I usually let each one choose a picture book for me to read aloud. Sometimes I choose one too. Next come the chapter books. We've been reading our way through the Harry Potter series. And Teresa and I (and sometimes Katie) are reading an American Girl doll book. And let us not forget a chapter from one of Sam's chapter books or his atlas or any number of resource books on science. We all enjoy reading so immensely, we often lose track of time and before you know it, we've read well past bedtime...again. That's okay though. I really don't mind.


These are the Days! said...

GOOD for you guys!!! That sounds like so much fun!!! Connor looooves to read...but, I'm looking foward to the day when Brookie will sit with us for a story, too...they are definitely on a different level in terms of which stories they like, and usually, Connor wins! ;)

TaraC said...

I think that's wonderful! Good for the brain, and the heart.